アイエスオートランスフォーマーズ(ISO TRANSFORMERS)は、ハイエンドオーディオ機器(管球アンプおよびSP用ネットワークコイル・ATT等)用の各種トランスを製造しております。

We, ISO TRANSFORMERS, produce various Transformers for Hi-end Tube Amplifiers.  Design theory, manufacturing technology, subcontract factories have been inherited from former ISO CO.,LTD.(TANGO).
We are trying to innovate design & technology and to find better materials updated for improvement of our products day by day.
Especially, as to iron-core, the most important materials for Transformer, we have selected ORIENT-CORE manufactured by NIPPON STEEL CORP.
All our Output Transformer’s core in particular is “ORIENT Hi-B” Cut-core which is the one and only high quality for OPT so far.
To obtain high performance of TUBE Amplifiers, a good transformer is essential.
In this sense, we will sustain our efforts to support attractive Tube Amplifier’s world forever.                     
                          Yours Sincerely,